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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Chipping, Leagram, Little Bowland and Thornley Memorial

Visited on Sunday. A beautiful little memorial garden set in a corner by the main road. Chipping is a place where people go on a Sunday. The memorial is the Preston side of Chipping. Chipping is the main village the other places on the memorial are really just collections of cottages. It is set under the shoulders of the southern end of the Bowland Fells. In particular Parlick, Wolf Fell and Fairsnape. Visited often, in all weather conditions - there is always someone there running, hang-gliding, walking. A closish friend of mine uses Parlick as his training ground. A most beautiful part of the north-west.
Unfortunately the weather has taken its toll on the 1939-1945 inscription and has now rendered it illegible. I will research and try to find out the names. A revisit is called for. However the photos. There is a fascinating local history page here - well worth a visit!
(Chipping History contacted me and gave me the names of the 4 fallen men for WW2. They have a publication giving detailed information of the fallen for £3 + P & P. Further information is available on the website above.

The memorial from the opposite side of the road.
To the right is Preston. To the left is the main village of Chipping.

THE 1939-1945 WAR"

From just inside the garden the inscription around cross reads:

Edward Parkinson
Major Rhodes
Richard Moon
William Coupe
Wilfred Blezard

John Bamber
Rowland Seed
John Wm Nuttall
John Thomas Eccles
Jas. Irving Walmsley
John Bleasdale

This is the side that has the names of the fallen from the 1939-1945 war. However the weathering is so bad the names are indistinguishable. More research and a second trip in more favourable light could reveal them. An Addition:
The names of the men inscribed are.
Fred Ellison,
Ernest Kenyon,
Harry Crane,
John James Dobson

This information is directly from "Chipping History.

Towards Chipping village. The road to the right will take you to the fells (eventually!)
A very interesting and much loved memorial. Needs care and attention though, if the names are going to be seen. Maybe a plaque on the wall below the second photograph. I will return!

More information can be found here This site has more information about memorials

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