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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Four Lane Ends Congregational Church

Between Tottington and Affteside is Four Lane ends. It sits at the junction of Bradshaw road and Harwood road. Tiny community, just a handful of cottages. I recall forty something years ago driving a Landrover with my Grandma Jane up to these cottages on a Christmas morning, in the snow, to take a Christmas dinner to the old people - Meals on Wheels. Now with a big grip on my family history this church stirs some distant memories. Some of the engraved names are distant relatives or relatives of relatives. The two stone inscriptions are important too. They represent that even a tiny community such as this sent their menfolk to war.

There are two inscriptions to the right of the left window below:

1939- 1945"

1914 -1918"

I am not sure that these inscriptions are in the IWM Database.

It is clear that the names on the walls are families that used the church, how or why they had their names engraved is not clear

 I did not have time to do a proper photo study as I was in the middle of "The Peelers" challenge walk, so I took the chance to take what I could and move on!
The names are transcribed below. - Hopefully your internet search will have found them!

Derek James Brown
Sarah Lucy Brown and James Brown
James Barlow Brown
Sarah Lucy Brown

Annie and Squire Shaw
Samuel Horrocks Howard
Olive and William Turner
Mollie Turner
Stanley Eastwood
Ephraim and Emily Turner

James and Alice Ann Pilling
Alice Ann and Gertrude

Clarence and Mildred Haydock
Jack and Margaret Hopkinson
Betty Grimshaw, Ellen Grimshaw
Peter and Annie Elizabeth Allanson
Bert and Sarah A. Allanson
Brian Nuttal, Betty Wall
John and Alice Hopkinson
George and Amy Turner
Samuel Bentley
Joseph Entwhistle
Joseph and Alice Anson
Albert Forrest, James Forrest, Tom Forrest, John Forrest, Theresa Forrest, Elizabeth M. Forrest, Margaret S. and Thomas A. Wolfenden
William Henry and Vera Matthews
Peter and Sally Hamer
James and Eleanor Waring
William and Olive Turner
Stanley and Molly Eastwood, Nee Turner and Carole
Peter and Betsey Bently
Roger and Alice Howard
Squire and Annie Shaw
J and A Smith
James, Rachel & Annie Forrest George Forrest
George and May Roberts
Eli and Mary Ann Warburton
Walter Ainsworth, Edith Ainsworth
Joseph and Hannah Warburton
Robert and Olive Platt
Robert and Mary Ann Scowcroft
Gordon and Marion Turner
Edna Forrest
Edward Sharples, Ena Mercer, Alice Anderton, Edith Sharples, Elizabeth Fitton, Thomas and Maarion Walker, William Henry and Hannah Syddall
Richard and Alice Jane Nuttall
Bert and Hannah Evans
Peter and Hannah Roscow
Thomas and  Alice Turner
Ann and Betty Turner
Thomas and Betty Bentley
Thomas and Anne Nuttall
James Nuttall
James Pilling and Alice Ann Pilling
Thomas a Sarah Ellen Turner son Edward
Myles and Margaret Nuttall
Joseph and Rachel Nuttall
Fred L Adcock - A Lay Preacher
Thomas and Elsie Roberts
Bert and Ethel Worby
Aaron Smith, James Smith
William Nuttall
John and Alice Nuttall
Edwin and Elsie Watters

There appears to be Allanson round the corner, but I can't resolve it

The inscription reads 
BUILT 1832

There is also a stone that says "In Memorium"  This could mean that these are the parishioners that are remembered that have been engraved on the stones. More research!

Not too happy with this - poor photos


  1. Don't forget the memorial inside to the local lads who lost their lives in WW1. A number of the names on that are also on the Affetside memorial organ ( ) and are also noted on the War memorial at Walshaw.

  2. We are hoping to get a memorial stone for our mum Ruth who just passed away 23/9/15.Her name will join her Hopkinson relatives(Mother,father,brother and sister-in law) on the wall of rememberance. As there is no room for graves or a Garden of Rememberance, the local families adapted the wall.Mum was christened in the chapel 95 years ago, and we are happy that she will leave this world from where she began.
    I assume you are related to the Martyn-Clarks of Brookhouse, Greenmount. Thanks for this website.

  3. My grandparents and great grandparents as well as other relatives are mentioned here. Thank you. Becky Haydock.

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