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Monday 20 May 2013

Whitefield, Manchester

I guess I knew of this memorial long before I photographed it. It stand on the corner of Church road in Whitefield. The memorial is in the same grounds as Stand church which was opposite to Stand Grammar School the school I was carted off to in the mid '60's. High repute - not sure it did me any good. We had to run past this memorial at least twice a week on our cross country runs which WERE a good part of school.

The names of the fallen are on a datastore page - you can find it here. This was my second attempt to photograph this memorial. The light was going, Winter...

The two pictures are stitched panoramas.

Looking from the monument towards Stand Church,
Church Road to the left

Looking towards the monument from the direction of Stand Church,
church road is to the right.

The entrance to the memorial, Stand Church is behind

The inscription facing the entrance

Delicate bronze work

Several silhouettes of "Peace" against the sky
This is recorded as no 3246 on the War Memorials Archive.

Aditional information at the War Memorials Archive relates the sculptor as Vernon March

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